Best Guitars Under 3000

Best Guitars Under 3000 In India

Are you looking for best guitars under 3000 in India?

if you have a tight budget but still want to learn guitar then you can prefer to purchase a guitar under 3000 which is under your pocket.

Best Guitars Under 3000 In India 2023

1. Juarez 038C Black Acoustic Guitar

It is one of the best cutaway acoustic guitars with a size of 38 inches. It consists of straps, picks, and extra strings. It is well known for its sound quality because of its hollow body. It comes at an affordable price as compared to other acoustic guitars.

It is suitable for beginners. It helps the players to sing as well because with the help of an instrument it becomes easy for players to reach the notes easily. It has a stylish appearance with a neck made up of linden wood material. It’s bridge is made up of plastic. 

Jaurez 038C Black Acoustic Guitar


  • It is one of the best acoustic guitars.
  • It has around 18 frets, which help in learning all the chords.
  • Accessories available.


  • It doesn’t have any such disadvantages.
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2. Intern INT-38C Acoustic GuitarBest Guitars Under 3000

It is one of the best acoustic guitars with such a stylish appearance. It has a high-quality sound. It comes with a strap, picks strings, and a cover. 

It is available in 4 different colors and users can choose among them. It is a 38 inches sized acoustic guitar. It’s fingerboard as well as a hack is made up of linden wood material. 

Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit (Sunburst) with Carry bag, Picks


  • It consists of 18 frets and has a glossy finish.
  • It has a stylish appearance.
  • It is a high quality product. 


  • There is no such disadvantage.
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3. Photron PH38C/BK Acoustic Guitar

It is one of the best acoustic guitars by Photron which is known for its guitars with positive reviews and good ratings. It is a cutaway design guitar with a size of 38 inches. It is best for beginners.

It comes with picks that are strong enough and can be used as strings. It is easily available in India.

Photron Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, PH38CBK with Picks Only, Black


  • It is a black color with glossy finish on an acoustic guitar.
  • It is made up of wood and has steel strings with geared tuning.
  • Suitable for beginners.


  • Not a good choice for professionals.
  • Cover and extra strings are not available.
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4. Breve BRE-38C-RD Acoustic Guitar

It is one of the best acoustic guitars with a unique design at an affordable price. It is available in various colors such as black, red and many more. 

It comes with a strap, a bag, and extra strings. It is an easy task to carry this lightweight guitar. It’s sound quality is good.

Breve BRE-38C-RD Acoustic Guitar with Bag


  • It has high resonance because of its innovative build.
  • It’s colour choice is unique.
  • It is a stress free product.


  • Its black and blue colored product doesn’t have any other colours hints.
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5. Jixing Purple Acoustic Guitar

It is one of the best acoustic guitars with a size of 38 inches in a fantastic color i.e. purple which is used as a symbol of wealth in ancient times. 

It’s body is fully made up of wood. The material used for its back and sides is linden wood. It has Strings made up of stainless steel and consists of 18 frets.



  • It has a unique design and color.
  • Straps are available.
  • It provides High quality sound and resonance.


  • Some issues with sound.
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6. Blueberry B-D38 Acoustic Guitar

It is one of the best acoustic guitars available with a complete package. It is available in unique colors such as red sunburst, wooden, etc. 

It consists of various accessories such as a truss rod, strap, bag, strings, etc. The bridge of the guitar is made of plastic while the side and back are made up of linden wood. The truss rod works with dual action as per the need of a user.

Blueberry B D38, 38 Acoustic Guitar Kit inbuilt Truss Rod with Bag


  • It consists of a truss rod which is an advantage for fixing wraps during climate change.
  • The tone of the guitar is amazing.
  • The tuning pegs work smoothly.


  • Sound quality is not upto the mark.
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7. Medellin Acoustic MED-BLUE-C Guitar

It is one of the acoustic guitars available in blue color with amazing sound quality and a stylish look by Medellin. 

It is very comfortable for hands. It is available in every part of the country.

Medellin MED-BLU-C Linden Wood Acoustic Guitar


  • It is available in blue colour with stylish design on its exterior.
  • Good option for beginners.
  • Positive reviews and good ratings.


  • It is available only in single color.
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All of the above-mentioned guitars are the 7 best guitars under 3000 rupees. If you are a beginner and looking forward to buy the guitar for learning purposes at an affordable price, go ahead and buy among them.

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